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Hey Heather! I too admire you ability to fast for 3 days!! Wow! I love how you're taking control now vs later, ensuring your FBG levels don't become a major problem later in life. Congrats on achieving a lower BF level too! Never heard of Butter Bob, I'll look into it more this weekend.

Izzy~ I'm so sorry you're still feeling bad. I pray you get some good relief and comfort soon. You've done amazingly well with not eating to your emotions, this has been a major life-altering change, and pain on top of that, really complicate things. Hold steady, my friend.

Julie~ congrats on the squat challenge and reaching MAJOR goals!! What an accomplishment!! Love your mindset now, overall improved health and fitness vs. just being skinny. It's all in the mind, the rest follows (gotta keep telling myself the same thing).

Deb~ thanks for sharing your meals. So far, I've only been dosing in the morning only because I don't have a full bottle and want to preserve as much as I can. I'm not hungry because I'm certainly eating well, like you, I'm only taking the juice to help with fat loss overall.

I weighed early today to gauge where I'm at because I feel I've been eating too many calories. I'm down 3lbs, eating very well so I am happy that it seems I'm on the right track. I'm glad...but it really is weight I've gained and lost over and over so it's not really that great, euphoric feeling. I haven't reached the 170's in some time, that's my real mini goal right now. I hope you all have a great Friday!
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