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Originally Posted by julieboolie View Post
Shari-I'd be overjoyed to be down 3 lbs!! Great job!! you're in the zone and that's extra beneficial heading into the weekend!! KUTGW! I hope it continues to go well!!

Heather-that is amazing!! Love the BF reduction! I'm trying that approach of training and focusing on building muscle trusting the fat loss will take care of itself. So hard though! Hope your Fbg goes down! That does seem high . I'm borrowing your line KEEP CALM AND KEEP ON!! I need to stay the course and not panic when the scale is being mean.

Deb-Hope your results are coming along too!!

Feeling pretty good, planning to lift today. It's payday!! And boy howdy did we need it! Scale up to 175.9!! And I was under on calories yesterday! I'm getting a bit nervous and wondering if it's too much too soon? Hoping the thyroid meds will help may not be wise. I'm not sure they're accomplishing anything. But, aside from that momentary panic, I'm going to stay the course. I flip flop too much and these things take time. I just can't afford to keep gaining. but, I'll focus on my weight training and feeling better. I don't look heavier in the mirror, which is surprising.

Happy weekend all!!!
Hi Julie! Have you been taking measurements? Could it be muscle weight you are gaining?
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