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Great job Deb!! 4 lbs is fabulous!! and a full day with your adorable grandson? How sweet!!! You'll be active and that'll help too . Busy little guy, and just so darned cute!! You'll still lose each week and I know you'll be successful!KUTGW!!

Shari-woohoo!! YAY!! that's wonderful!! Woman, you don't have a thyroid!! You're doing fabulous!! I'm glad I helped remind you that you're succeeding!! Keep going with it! You'll be where you want to be soon!! Mindful without having to track and record is wonderful . Have a good weekend!!

Izzy-thanks. I am bigger, all over, but do think I've added muscle. And I know there is a lot of water being put into my muscles too, so the 5 lbs isn't that awful, but I was already up when I started this, and would dearly love to be leaner. But I think it will come. I do need to update my measurements, but can tell by my clothes that I'm bigger.

So, continuing to practice patience.... You'd think I'd get better at it with all this practice .My lifting is going great!! I'm smashing records in the gym and feeling great!! My fatigue is getting a bit better. Not sure if that's the meds or not babysitting anymore, but I'll take it either way! Hair still falling out, but hoping that'll slow down and stop soon. Taking evening primrose oil is supposed to help, so I'm taking that too.

Scale at 175.6 which is up 5 lbs in 2 weeks of following ETP. If it'll stabilize here and eventually turn around and start going down soon I'll be greatly relived!

Here's hoping!! Happy weekend all!!
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