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Haha, Deb, I think I'm crazy! I'm on day 3, so this is my 4th 3-day fast this month. Last night sucked, very little sleep. I've promised myself no more three day fasts. But this morning my FBG was 68. So ... I think finally my insulin is coming down and I wanted to push through this last day and see if it can be a trend and not a blip! I'll do only 1 2-day fast per week starting next week and hopefully keep that going until I'm getting these good low numbers everyday.

Shari and Deb, I don't weigh everyday either. It just get's too obsessive. I'm trying to focus more on process ... and my FBG

Shari, I guess this time of the year more folks slide into depression? I did that for years ... the descent until January. UGH! I never thought about it on the other side, the mental health workers. How is the yoga? I do something called Yin Yoga as much as I can. Like i try to do 5 to 7 postures every day. It's basically holding a passive posture long ... 1 to 5 minutes. I've done a lot of different yoga, but I settled on this style a few years ago because it's done more for more flexibility than any other style. Plus it's relaxing.

Julie, I've never done JUDD, but I checked out the Blood Sugar Diet a while back and they do 800 cals a day for 8 weeks. TORTURE! I think that's why we have to find what works for us. I do better not eating than eating low cals.

I'm so glad you are loving your weight training. 205# is awesome. I'm only at 110# after laying off weighted hip thrusts for the summer.

Good luck with your macros! I feel like I've been doing that all year, tweaking tweaking tweaking. But it seems we really have to experiment and find what's right for us individually.

I'm really sorry about the gaining. I understand about the re-losing. It's so frustrating. Hang in there.

Our bodies can be so sensitive and stubborn at the same time. And yes, to muscle. If you're lifting that heavy, you've got to be building! I do think lifting alters the whole weight loss, appropriate weight, etc. paradigm.

Don't give up. Just be gentle
after losing 30 pounds 30 years ago, I'm still plugging away at maintenance ...
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