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Hey ladies,

Heather-congrats on the lowering of FBG, the fast is definitely showing quick results for you! My hat is off to you for even doing a 2-day fast. My BF is throwing around doing the Master Cleanse/fast again...we did this together many years ago and I can't say that I didn't feel the best I'd felt. I thought I wouldn't make it the first few days w/o food, but around day 4-5, my body settled and I felt better. That's why for you doing 3 day fasts, I admire that commitment because those are the hardest least for me it was. However, it's great for your body! I love yoga; I DVR mine and have accumulated at least 15 that I use by Wai Lana. She's very good and she explains the poses and benefits, give a nice meditation session at the end. I really feel the benefits throughout the day. Ooops, didn't mean to type a book

Julie-hopefully it is stabilizing for you and again, congrats on reaching your goals! I think it's maybe your body adjusting to the lifting and thyroid; sometimes our bodies just need this period to 'rest' then come back down.

Deb- how's it going?

I flubbed yesterday; we had bday cake at work and it was my fav, white chocolate...ate a small slice, but then it went downhill from there. Had pizza for dinner as I continued to have that 'well I messed up anyway' attitude and gave up for the day. I continue to struggle with this all or nothing mindset, but not going to dwell on it today. Dusting myself off and resetting again...there's not a limit on the number of times we can hit that button is it?
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