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I read up about Whole 30. I actually have the book. I buy a ton of diet books at Goodwill for $1. Then if I don't like them I donate them to the library for their used book sales. It actually says in the book that it's not a weight loss diet, but an anti-inflammatory diet, and that's why you only do it for 30 days. It does say that you can lose weight on it, but that's just not the purpose. I have to have food I can chew, but when I am on plan I eat clean. Just protein and veggies. I know what I have to do. I have to cut my portions way back so I am eating less, but still whole food. Smaller portions of the same foods. I have little tricks I have learned to get through meals that DH eats. If he has tacos, I have a salad, and I scrape the filling from the taco into the greens. And I do the same thing when he has pizza. This way, I fill up on veggies and omit the carbs of the taco shells and the pizza crust. I am lucky that for the most part, DH likes a meat and potatoes meal. I just eat the meat and veggies and omit the potatoes, or other starch. Pasta is my demon. I can stuff myself with pasta and go back for more, but DH doesn't really like it, so it's up to me not to prepare it. I haven't bought a box of pasta since my last big horror meal a few months ago. If it's not in the house, I can't cook it, and I am the only person who would bring it into the house.

I really had to laugh at you eating 2 lemons. How can you eat a lemon? They are so sour. I always say I can't do something, like skip real food for days, but don't say you can't do something if you haven't tried it. One time I told my cardiologist that I could not do a treadmill test and he said "You can do it, you just don't want to." That stuck in my mind. I can go without food, I just don't want to. But do I want to get thin, or do I want to stay fat?

The problem for me with protein bars and shakes. I cannot (will not) make it a replacement for real food. I would eat the real food, then have the bar or shake for a snack. I want to lose weight on a plan that I can do for the rest of my life, so real food it has to be. Just controlled portions.

Good for you on the whoosh. I knew it would come eventually! Kris and I will not be far behind!!

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