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The book sounds great GB I'd love to read it with DH. He's pretty good but keep saying how I look just fine, better than any other wife in the group we hang with. That may be true - altho that bar is not set very high if ya know what I mean..... I think he truly wants me to be happy but he's torn because he also loves going out drinking and eating a LOT. He can literally drink and eat ANYTHING he wants and not ever gain. Those folks don't understand the plague we live with, it's just not a concern.

As far as the eye - I had to go running to the eye doc this morning - but of course they said what happened to me had nothing to do with any of the tests that I had done. Maybe true - but just a coincidence that I look like the walking dead with an eye full of blood because a blood vessel burst for NO REASON. duh. Well no worries, it's OK now just looks REALLY bad. Doc said it may take 2 full weeks for the blood to clear out of it. I really look like crap So went out to dr, then stopped to look at new kitchen appliances, then at the bar for tacos and beer. Then that led to another bar. So a few beers and tacos later I'm home on the couch No biggie. Tomorrow is another day. Just thought I'd be honest about my failures....... No exercise for today. But I was worried so had to go to the eye dr on emergency for blood in the eye.
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