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Originally Posted by schaferk View Post
Its some of both PAC with my DH. He does want me to be his drinkin and eating buddy cause we have been just that for 25 yrs. But he also wants me to not be too big. It's a fine line. He always says "It's Ok we can stay home if you want to diet" but I know in my heart that he wants to go out and eat and drink and I hate being the cause of ruining his fun. I am the problem - if I could just have more control and be able to watch he & the others eat and drink all of our problems would be solved!! But I figured out the discipline part yet
Hey guys

Glad to hear your eye will be ok Kris. I think we have suggested just about everything under sun in here for ya Kris, regarding the temptations you face weekly.

You're gonna have to decide on this one. Maybe eat something filling but low ca before you go out. I think we suggested that one last year?

Good for you for pulling the bike out of the basement.
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