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When we go out to eat, I could order something small, like a cup of soup or just a salad, but DH won't let me. He says "Get whatever you want," but when I say that's all I want he get mad. He says people are going to think he doesn't allow me to eat. I told him other people don't care what I'm eating. LOL Yesterday we were in Bob Evans. There was this younger couple across from us. The server brought him a cup of soup and 2 rolls, and brought her a slice of chocolate pie and 2 rolls. DH was laughing that she was just eating pie. But after she ate that and her rolls, they brought them both an entree. I guess she didn't want soup or salad and chose to eat her dessert first. She appeared to be someone who didn't need to worry about her weight. My point? They weren't worried about what other people thought!! I guess I could order a meal and then just eat a couple bites, but that's wasteful, and once the food is in front of me I want it. He should not be so controlling. FYI, that is why his first wife left!!

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