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Originally Posted by debbiedo View Post
TBipp how tall are you? Congrats on the new low.

120.8 today so lost a little. I am not trying. I would like to be under 120 but 122 is my magic number. If I stay there I am fine too. I just prefer under 120. 122 seems to be a place I get stuck at so being under for a few weeks is good.

Happy Friday and happy maintaining!
Thank you, Debbie. I am 5 ft, 2 in and 55 years old last week! I used the BMI chart to determine my goal of 120 (it is dead center in the range), which I reached in October after 5 months of low carbing. However, after dropping below 120 a few times after that, I realized I felt better and had more energy when I was 118. I also bought some clothes at 120 and was concerned that if I popped 5 pounds over 120, they would not fit, so decided I was happier being below.

Your schedule sure makes it a challenge. I now work from home so I am pretty regimented and know what breakfast will be (I rotate 3 different ones), can cook a fun lunch or heat up leftovers and then dinner has been very light (that is my secret weapon). When I was overeating at dinner, I had trouble staying at 120. And, I had trouble staying at 120 if I indulged in low carb goodies (I have a sweet tooth and enjoy baking) or went out for pizza one night. Now, those events have little impact.
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