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CARB Counting Advice

Hi everyone.

A little bit of advice please.

I am doing my own version of low carb, and doing very well. I have lost 22lb since end of November.

I am keeping to 50 carbs a day (roughly)

Can I eat any carbs to be under 50 so a bit like calorie counting, anything I want as long as its under 50 carbs?

I feel like I have been cheating a little lately. Last time around, I was only drinking almond milk, this time around I have not changed out my milk so there is quite a few carbs right there.

I don't eat bread, pasta, rice or sugar.

However, occasionally I cheat with a kids meal from Macdonalds. (chicken nuggets, small fries) or an odd sugar free biscuit.

Is this ok as long as I stay under the 50 carbs?

Its working but just wanted advice from the experts!
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