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Crock Pot "BBQ"

This is a modification of a recipe that we used to make regularly in our house (pre-Medi). It sounds really weird, but I promise it's super yummy. It really does taste like BBQ! I have made this a couple of times since beginning Medi and it tastes just as good this way.

1 packet onion soup mix
1 can Diet Coke
1 cup low carb ketchup
1-2lbs of chicken breasts or pork chops (we like it with both but prefer lean pork chops)

Add soda, ketchup, and soup mix to crock pot and mix well. Make sure you get the lumps out of the ketchup or it will still be kind of lumpy later.

Add meat and turn to coat.

Cook 4-6 hours on low (may vary depending on your crock pot). Remove meat and discard sauce. Enjoy!

**The "sauce" that is made from the soda, soup, and ketchup is just a cooking medium. Do not eat it. You could pour a little over the meat but the vast majority of it will be discarded.**

Month 1: -19.8 pounds
Month 2: -12 pounds
Month 3: -16.2 pounds
Month 4: -12.6 pounds

Goal 1: 299 (get that 3 off the scale!)- Done!
Goal 2: 273.4 (50 pounds!)- DONE!!
Goal 3: 240 (Pre-baby-#1 weight)
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