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Big Mac in a bowl - Borrowed from LCF Recipes thread but Medized!

Big Mac in a bowl (borrowed from the LCF recipe section but Medized!)


1 lb ground turkey
4 cups shredded Romaine
1 small onion diced
10 dill pickle slices (chopped)
Cup Low fat shredded Cheddar
Low carb Thousand Island dressing (see recipe below)

How To Prepare:

Place lettuce and pickles in a bowl.
Brown Turkey and onions over medium heat. Drain, leave in a little of the grease, then stir in cheese until melted. It should coat the hamburger.
Immediately pour hot hamburger over salad and stir.

Microwave salad for a minute to warm everything up.

Stir in Thousand Island dressing.

Low Carb Thousand Island Dressing

4 tbsp Mayo
2 tbsp tomato paste
2 Dill pickles chopped

Mix together and chill

Number of Servings: 4
Nutritional information/serving: Calories 287, Fat 11g, Carbs 5g, protein 37g

This was a nice change, not sure it really tasted like a Big Mac, but it was good and a nice change from taco salad etc... My family liked it and said we should keep this recipe!
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