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Karra, do you have the book? I don't have mine handy. I assume the spaghetti squash is alright, as long as your daily total is less than 20 carbs. Maybe ****** (a free website) can help you keep track of how many carbs you're using in a day? Watch your tomatoes, too! They can add up fast. There is an induction thread on the boards here, I bet you will find lots of answers and inspiration--and more food photos-- there!

As for an induction dessert-- CHEATER MOUSSE! It was always my favorite. Induction doesn't allow for too much cream, but I always had more than I was suppose to. Oops. Anyway, heavy cream, cocoa powder, vanilla, salt, sweetener (Ideal or Steviva was always my choice) whip it up with some beaters until overdone-- just a little past the proper whip cream stage. Also, Chocoperfection bars are an easy and tasty one. You can also make coconut oil candy, which would probably be the best induction option. I don't have a recipe for that, but there are several here on the board if you use the search feature. It's basically melted coconut oil, cocoa, sweetener, then frozen into little cups or piles. Some add nuts or peanut butter or coconut flakes. Be wary of sweets! They are a slippery slope for me and I don't lose while eating a lot of them. For induction you are just better off with meat, fat and green veg for 14 days to truly break your carb addictions. Some people are totally fine eating sweets & other low carb products during induction, but I am not one of them. Truly, for a super successful induction, just fats, meats, green veg will really get the job done! Keep up the good work!

Oh yeah! Some people like the sugar free jello for an induction sweet.
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