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Tips for putting 13YO on LC

DH, DD19, and I are all completely on board with eating low carb. DD13 needs some encouragement.

Her school nurse checks students for Acanthosis nigricans (a fancy word for a dark patch of skin on the back of the neck, also often on the groin and armpits). This is often an indicator of prediabetes/insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome/obesity. So far, her blood sugar is good, but that could change. DD13 is also quite overweight - 5'3 and 190 pounds or so. She also has a strong family history of type 1 and type 2 diabetes - my sister died from complications of type 1 three years ago, and I know DD13 is worried/stressed about that.

All 4 of us are overweight or obese and all 4 are at high risk for developing diabetes. It's time - past time to get the kids on this WOE, too. And now.

DD13 LOVES to bake and LOVES candy, bread, cakes, and so on.

Anyhow - any tips/suggestions for making the transition easier for her? Favorite low carb baked items? Ideas for changing up her school lunch? She's been taking a PB and J sandwich, chips, cereal bar, and juice for lunch - I know AWFUL!
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