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I agree with other posters that your best bet might be to start with things she already likes and move from there. As someone who began chunking up around puberty myself, I remember with shudders of horror the dietary changes my mother forced on me. She meant the very best, I know, but it sure felt like punishment to me.

It sounds like the rest of your family already is interested in LC. Is this new to you, or are you already eating LC family meals? If not, maybe you could change your family breakfasts and dinners first, and leave her lunches alone for now. That way she's not singled out, if the whole family is eating the same things. As she begins to find things that are lower carb that she likes, you can talk about ways to incorporate those foods into her lunches, too.

Help her to find a low-carb recipe she can make herself that she likes. Helping her "own" a recipe makes it special. (I still make "Synger's Cheese Ball" that I learned as a teen for every party I throw, 30+ years later.) If she can cook a cheesy chicken bake for family dinner and gets rave reviews, she may be more interested in taking it as a leftover in a lettuce or LC wrap the next day for lunch. She won't be eating "weird" food; she'll be eating HER food, that she made herself. It's very empowering!

The other thing to consider is that you are the one doing the shopping. Find some low-carb or high-fiber bread for her sandwiches (I like the Fiber One White 100 calorie bread. It's not touted as low-carb, but it's much less carby than regular bread, especially if you subtract out fiber, and it's pretty normal tasting). As time goes on, tell her that next week we won't be buying chips for your lunch. What do you want to take instead that has lower carbs? Or give her a choice between low-carb options (do you want some nuts or some flax crackers?) Help her make one substitution every few weeks, and by the time six months has gone by, she'll have fully low-carb lunch options.

Also keep in mind that "low carb" can be relative to what she's already eating. Aiming for fewer than 50 grams/day may be too much of a change at first. Even getting her down to 100 grams/day will be an improvement, and a success. That's still "low carb" compared to the 50% + carbs of the Standard American Diet.

Don't make her change EVERYTHING all at once, or if she's like me, she'll fight you hard. She didn't get this heavy overnight. It's not a race. Small changes can really add up over time.
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