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Welcome to the low carb world.

First: You guys can totally do this! Look at these boards, there is a lot of success here. Follow the plan and you will be successful as well. I have been able to get off all my pre diabetes related drugs, and many others have here as well.

Second: EAT! You do not need to be hungry on this diet. If you are hungry, you need to eat. If you eat the foods on the Induction Food list and keep your fat intake up, your body will naturally be full. It is awesome. But don't be afraid to eat. Especially for the first couple of weeks. (I am on maintenance right now and actually started to gain a few pounds because I wasn't eating enough. Strange but true.)

Third: There are a ton of great recipes to be made with lots of great "real" food. You and your daughter will be able to cook some awesome stuff. Her passion for cooking won't be diminished. I cook so much more since low carbing.

Fourth: You gotta convince her to stay away from the high carb stuff. When you eat it, it elevates your blood sugar and then drops it. That makes you hungry. Your body needs to live off fat and protein, not High Carb crap. This will be hard with a teen, I know I have three, but hopefully the quick results she achieves on this program will motivate her.

Fifth: Find ways to get healthy fats into your diet. I like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, and fat on meat. If you keep your fat intake up, you won't get craving for quick sugar fixes.

Sixth: Cook big food! Keep plenty of food in your house. When you are hungry you need to have something to grab so high carb doesn't become an option. I usually cook a big meat item on Sunday and use it throughout the week. Like a whole ham, pork shoulder, pot roast, or a couple chickens. Once you cook that stuff, you can then use it on a moments notice. Pot roast and eggs make a great breakfast and it takes less than 5 minute to cook. Chicken can be mixed with eggs, torn up with mayonnaise for chicken salad, put a quick sauce over the top for dinner. You get the idea.

Seventh: Water is your friend. You need to drink a lot of it. I helps to lose weight especially in the beginning. You need to flush a lot of stuff out of your system. Drink 1 ounce of water for each 2 pounds of body weight, up to a maximum of 128 ounces (a gallon) a day. So your 190 daughter should be drinking about 95 ounces of water a day. (You will pee a lot at first but your body gets used to it.)

Eighth: Stay off the scale! Weight once week or once a month. Don't focus on the daily scale it will just drive you nuts. Another great guide is your clothes. When they get loose, you have lost weight. Don't let the scale rule you.

Finally, If you haven't already, read the Dr. Atkins book New Diet Revolution. Yes there is a lot of info here and elsewhere, but the book has it all. THIS IS A WAY OF EATING, not a diet. You will need to eat like this the rest of your life. It gets easier and easier as time goes by.

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