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Originally Posted by Mick6 View Post
Nope he drives semi for UPS. They just call it a hub, zone or terminal depending on the size of the home base area and the freight coming out of it. Hope I got that right! Ironically with you asking that my brother did fly passenger planes when he was early in his career. Then we got to fly free but with little kids and being young we couldnt take full advantage of it back then financially.

I hear you on the keto flu being a deterrent! Is your birthday soon? There are some great low carb cake and cheesecake recipes!

LOL you can go through a remodel Its not so bad. Ok I'm fibbing! We did our first house flip this summer and it was frustrating and I wasn't living in the chaos.
My brother's ex-fiancee's dad drove a semi for UPS, from NOLA to the TX border (about 4 hours round trip). My sister-in-law's dad, sister, & step-mother work for an airline and she and my brother fly all over the place for free. We used to fly pretty often but due to gas prices and added taxes it has gotten so expensive!

My birthday is Wednesday. I am not sure I want to make anything and have it in the house due to binge issues. I just have the mentality that it's not a birthday without cake - like I'm 5 or something

You flipped a house? Very cool! Are you planning another flip? We live in a mid-century neighborhood (house was built in 1954). My FIL grew up 1 1/2 blocks from where we live, and when I first got married and moved here to Houston in 1993, all of the people in the neighborhood were my husband's grandparents' age. In the past 10 years or so they started to die off or move into retirement homes, and the flippers were out in full force. We bought this house in 2009 from the estate of the original owners who died within a few months of each other. We had to re-do the electrical and plumbing, add insulation and a new HVAC system, and put on a new roof. We also pulled up the (pink!) carpeting that was covering beautiful hardwood floors, replaced most of the light fixtures, and removed the textured 70s wallpaper and painted the entire house. When I say we I mean our contractor, because DH & I would surely be divorced if we had attempted to do it ourselves. After all that we were not able to re-do the kitchen ($$) and at this point I'm OK with it, but DH is chomping at the bit. This is our first experience living in a house that had previous owners, but we wanted to be closer in to the city, and DH wanted to be near his grandfather after his grandmother died. Anyway, it's a great neighborhood and it's so nice to be within 10 miles of downtown. tl;dr I'm sure
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