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Hi Good morning!
I am totally new to the board although I have been coming here for years for support, recipes, everything related to Medi really. I am finally restarting. I lost all my weight and kept it off for years. However, in January, with major stress and discovering I have a thryroid issue, I started gaining back like 18 pounds. I LOVE to exercise and didn't have any issues with that. But for me, it was the support and accountability that I think is what I really need. I would love to be a part of this support group. Thanks for all the great post!

I just started back yesterday and am on day 2. Wow, yesterday was tough! But doing a pantry/refrigerator detox really helped!

Question here: since I've re started, there have been a couple changes and was wondering if you all are also incorporating these changes:
1. this time around, I was told that fluid calories like 1/2 and 1/2 or unsweetened almond milk do not count toward any calories. (not like I use a lot
of any of this, but thought it was interesting that it doesn't count)
2. I was told I could use the Dannon Fit (lovely flavors)-greek yogurt during my 1st week. I discussed that it has like 9 carbs but my counselor said
that was fine and it's totally fine to use.

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