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Wheels- it sound like you have not read an atkins book. Induction is the time to eat really cleanly. You have no idea what was in the sauce for the spare ribs. Chinese restaurants are notorious for their starchy sugary sauces! A quick look on daily plate shows 16 g of carbs for a small serving of chinese spare ribs.

Also while pork rinds are ok- they do have a lot of sodium which may cause you to retain water. Salsa should be used in moderation and should be home-made or sugar free. Tomatoes are not foundation veggies and should be limited on induction. So should cream cheese. I suggest you read over the induction foods that are allowed and stick to them. The treats can come in later. And chinese take-out should be left until much later- maybe not till maintenance.

Soy is a legume- you must wait until that rung to eat soy products. I don't think you are doing a true atkins induction.

Atkins induction is foundation veggies, meats, 4oz of cheese, fats, a bit of cream- that is basically it. Half of your 20 carbs should be coming form foundation veggies.
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