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You guys are great thanks so much for all the helpful advice. I never eat sugar, rice, bread, pasta. I do have odd bag of crisps which is about 11 carbs. Like I said occasionally I crave something like McDonalds chips, (smallest packet in the UK its very small). However I am noticing it is affecting me the same as sugar does, foggy, brain, achy muscles.

I am over weight and am doing this to lose weight, but I also have fibroymyalgia and depression so the benefits of low carb are amazing to my health. I am/was addicted to sugar so I daren't allow myself even a tiny cheat on sugar.

I am not on maintenance as yet, but do found under 50 carbs is working for me as I am still losing weight and inches.

If I stall I drop back down to 20.

Thank you all so much for your advice. I was asking did it matter which way I used the carbs and you have all been very helpful.
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