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Originally Posted by KellyMcSOB View Post
Hello everyone -

Sinus surgery was this past Wednesday and I'm doing a DD today because I feel a lot better now. I know I know - terrible timing. I was just so excited to try JUDDD that I didn't want to wait!
Hi Kelly, welcome aboard! It seems like there's no really good time to start a weight loss program, doesn't it? But when you're excited about it is the best time, even if it's Christmas Eve. I'm another newbie who has tried and failed about every diet out there, some (like WW) several times, but on JUDDD I really am losing. So is my sister, who has a terrible time trying to get weight off. My sister doesn't have to record UD calories, but I do because I'm such a compulsive overeater; but each of us has found the best way to make JUDDD work for her, and you will too. You'll find wonderful support here on this forum. One of my favorite threads is "How is your down day going?" Part Three was just opened because Part Two got too long, but the older threads are well worth reading through, as are all the others. Anyway, we're glad you're here, and wish you every success.
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