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Now that I have had my first DD and I am off work, I thought I would introduce myself. I have tried many diets and have done low carb for a long time off and on. I don't think that low carb works for me anymore. Has anyone ever been immune? (I did have my thyroid checked with the correct panels tested and its fine. I am low on vitamin D and have been (that I know of) for a year or so. I have been trying to get in the sun without sunscreen for 15 minutes a day and take supplements. Just got tested again and still low. I am up to 5000 IU's a day.
I get so frustrated dieting because its hard for me to lose weight. I am assuming that my metabolism is just basically null due to yo-yoing with my weight for many years. My doc finally told me better to stay at one weight than yo-yo. So, I haven't dieted in a few months. But, I am ready to try again.

I just read about JUDDD and thought this might be the answer but I have some questions....
Today, I saved up my calories and ate 380 at dinner. Is saving up and eating at one time ok?
Does anyone eat out on DD? like side salad low calorie soup etc?
Can you eat anything you want as long as you stay with your calories from the JUDDD calculator?
Do most of you exercise? My husband and I walk about 2 miles 3 times a week. Is this enough?
Do you have to limit fat/carbs or anything on UD as long as you stay around your calories?
Some of you use some acronyms that I don't there a list of these somewhere?

Thank you in advance for any answers/help you all can give me! I am praying this works for me. I need help and lots of it so I plan to continue on this website daily! HERE I GOOOOOO.....
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