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Originally Posted by wants2lose View Post
Thank you in advance for any answers/help you all can give me! I am praying this works for me. I need help and lots of it so I plan to continue on this website daily! HERE I GOOOOOO.....
I think we've all felt as though our metabolisms were broken after many unsuccessful weight loss attempts. I thought mine was. In fact, I was certain that all the successes I was reading about right here with JUDDD would not work for me because I was so messed up. But lo and behold, I started losing fairly quickly and kept losing for a long time on JUDDD. Let me try and answer your questions here:

I just read about JUDDD and thought this might be the answer but I have some questions....
Today, I saved up my calories and ate 380 at dinner. Is saving up and eating at one time ok?
You can eat your calories any time you want to during the day. The key will be to find the way that works best for you. Some people eat tiny snacks every hour or two all day. Many split them up so they get a small breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lots of us wait until later in the day and eat most of them for lunch and dinner, or just dinner.

Does anyone eat out on DD? like side salad low calorie soup etc?
I've only attempted it a couple of times, and was fine. I prefer to try to arrange eating out when I can really enjoy it, but I don't eat out all that often either. Lots of JUDDDers eat out all the time and make it work just fine.

Can you eat anything you want as long as you stay with your calories from the JUDDD calculator?
Yes you can! The only thing to remember though, is that you'll have to see if certain things make you hungrier. Like if you had nothing but cake on DD, would it start you on a carb craving frenzy? If so, don't do it again. If not and you were happy, keep doing it when you want to. The beauty of JUDDD is that it is flexible to any foods. Like Dawn (KeirasMom) says, JUDDD is an eating schedule, not a diet.

Do most of you exercise? My husband and I walk about 2 miles 3 times a week. Is this enough?
Since you are already doing this exercise, it shouldn't be a problem to keep doing it. Again, you'll have to see how you feel. Lots of times, the beginning several weeks of JUDDD are quite an adjustment, so I wouldn't start any new activity during this time. After having done it for awhile, lots of us don't seem to have any problems doing exercise of our choice on either UDs or DDs. Enough? That's up to you!

Do you have to limit fat/carbs or anything on UD as long as you stay around your calories?
Nope. You can choose your eating plan around what you like, prefer, and feel best eating.

Some of you use some acronyms that I don't there a list of these somewhere?
You're not alone wondering about this stuff. Here's the link to a good thread that will help with that. If something isn't there and you don't get it, just ask!
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