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I found my first day interesting. I didn't eat all day because I knew it was Friday and my husband would want to go out to eat. We did go to Chili's and I had a side salad no dressing and some soup. The meal was 380. I worry about the true calorie count from restaurants. It can't be completely accurate. But I figured I had 120 calories to play with since I read the first 2 weeks I can go up to 500 calories.

Late last night I was a bit hungry and was thinking what I would eat when I got up. But I am not a morning person and when I did get up wasn't too interested in food. I was able to eat a little bit ago.

Okay so to jump the gun...I weighed after my first DD and was down 6 lbs. I know water weight etc but WOO HOO! Have to lose the water first ...right? Now, I can't weigh til next week because I will be depressed with the up/down on the scale. But, in recent diet adventures, the scale hasn't moved at all so I am pumped even if it's prematurely.

Also a bit apprehensive about my second DD being on a Sunday. I have to find something to do so that I won't be here at the house.
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