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Originally Posted by EyesOnPrize View Post
Has anyone else had this happen to them? Suddenly, everything tastes unbearably salty. I mean, like poisonously, I-can't-even-eat-this salty. It happened to me this week. I had been eating these LF ham/NF cheese rollups for lunch for about a week, when all of a sudden I opened my lunch, bit into one, and it felt like someone had rolled the thing in table salt. These are packaged cold cuts and I know they didn't change; it's me.

I remember this happening the last time I did a long Stills diet. It's so weird and so sudden. Anything with salt is just inedible. Even Diet Coke tastes like sea water. I ended up having several totally unseasoned HB eggs for lunch and the lack of salt was a relief.

I wonder what caused this? Anyone else experience it?
I've noticed when I eat well on plan that things will taste saltier. But not, bad salty. I think it's just my tastebuds end up noticing more flavors. I mean, I was liquid fasting a few days and ended up having some of this cottage cheese I thought was disgusting. It tasted fine after the fast, and not as flavorless as I had previously though.
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