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Originally Posted by capricapers View Post
The good news is that your LDL looks WAY BETTER! Have you had a VAP test to see if your LDL is the large fluffy kind? You want large fluffy LDL - not a big deal if #s are high if that type A.

Off the top of my head I would say put unrefined coconut oil into your diet if you are not already - start slowly and work up to three to four TBLS a day. Put Omega 3 into your diet if not already. Mega Red Krill oil, salmon oil, fish oil that type thing along with chia seeds - two TBLSP a day.

Cut carbs drastically - that will bring the tri numbers down - did for me. Stay away from fried foods - those transfats and hydrogenated oils will kill us all yet if we are not on our toes.

Research on this forum and other places - how to raise HDL and lower LDL and trigs. An LC WOE brought my lipids into amazing new healthy places!!!

Gotta do 20 minutes of exercise a day that gets the heart going - there's just no way around it.

You can do this! Talk with your DR to see what he/she says.

Some folks take Red Rice Yeast (to combat high cholesterol) - but it is reported to have some of the same effects as prescribed station - do your research first.

Firstly I would say to scroll back and watch the video below entitled 'The Oiling of America.' It's two hours long - but worth every minute!!
Thanks for your feedback. Earlier in this thread, you'll see where my numbers where wayyyy better when I followed LC. I have since been off plan, and have done hcg where I cut sat fats and added carbs, like bread and fruit. Then because the diet was so low in cals, I would binge on any and everything including fat + sugar (deadly combo). I have since spoken to Fawn, and she suggest that I go back to sat fats, cut carbs. I am going to start exercising daily like I use to and take oils. I have CLO (liquid + caps) in the fridge and will start taking tonight.

Thank you so much. The sad part is the nurse at work who did my blood work thinks my numbers are great!!! And when my HDL was 75, tri 88, ratio 3.49, my doctor wanted to put me on statins, but I refused to take them. I saw a cardiologist, said my heart and everything was good, no blockage, nothing, and he didn't want to put me on statins. he just suggested i get on oils, cut out animal fat, and start eating better and working out.

bottom line, i don't want to develop heart disease. that is my biggest fear, so from this point, i am making the necessary changes to become healthy. is offline   Reply With Quote