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Originally Posted by marylouise View Post
Capricapers how are you doing? Hope you are gettng some swim time in. I love the way your pool is closed in with that wrap around screen! I just noticed the screen. I bet it is awesome. No flying bugs!!!

Be several days since I have been able to post. Computer problems.

I went to Whole Foods and was able to get 2- 29 ounces of Nutiva CO


Here is my complete list. If you seen anything I dont have that you think I need to get please tell me.

1. Niacin from TwinLabs. Crystalline Pure. 500 mg. This will FLUSH you! I am taking the other so called Niacin back to Walmart. It will not make you Flush. About that flush. I kind of was scared the first time. But now it kind of feels good! Take it after you eat and it is not too bad.

2. L-Arginine 1,000mg. Supports vascular health.

3. D3 IU, From natural fish oil.

4. Potasium Chloride 10 mcg. Precription.

5. Ubiquinal 50mg. cellular Active CoQ10

6. Mega Red

7. L-Lysine 500mg.

8. Chromium Picolinate

9. Melatonin 2mg for sleep aid...and it works!

The first 1,2,3 and 5 I got at Whole Foods. Good stuff. AS soon as I take the others I will be getting them from Whole Food. Well I may take the other stuff back to Walmart too and gettign the real stuff.

The brand of the things I got at Whole Food is TwinLabs and Blue Bonnet.

Got a new hair brush too
Hey ML! How's everything?

Great! So you did find the amount of Niacin that will give you that flush.

Wish we had a Whole Foods here - nearest one is about an hour away.

We already chatted about the Vit. D supplement - but do what your Dr says for sure.

The new ones we've added are:


Alpha Lipoic Acid


Melatonin 6mg (me) OR
5 - HTP (me) never both on the same day

Mega Red 300

That pool screen is very very common in Florida - the bugs just will eat you alive sometimes. There's one that still is a pest called a No See Um, so at dusk and in the evening we light citronella candles, lamps and tiki torches... that firelight on the water at night is magical.

Is the Potasium Chloride you take for a specific issue? I looked it up and it says make sure you drink a lot of water.
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