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Originally Posted by marylouise View Post
I bet it is Magical! Sounds dreamie :-)

I forget about the V-D? Can you tell me again.....

I take the Pot because I take lasix. And if I drank extra water it would just make me retain more water, wouldn't it?? I have been told it is hard on the heart, though...

Let me tell you about the Niacin!!! OH my goodness. Do you take Niacin?? Well if the answer is yes trust me the one you are taking does not work if you haven't felt the flush. I need to read up on that stuff some more. I thought I was goiing to die today.

The first time I took it I took it on an empty stomach. Big mistake. next several times I took it while I was eating. Well today I wanted to make sure that is what happened to me the other day soooooo I took it again on a empty stomach. I almost didn't make it to my bed. And I thought I was dying. I called my DH in the bedroom. It is only about 3 steps from the living room. we are in our travel bus. it is a 1948 Grey Hound Bus. Kind of stuffed in here like sardines. We have a house in Tennessee we are trying to sell. And until it sells this Sardine is home. :-(

He was scared to death too! I ant kidding here. Never ever take it on a empty stomach! Flush. ha-ha is a gentle word!
No, I do not take niacin. Due to taking Motrin 800 daily for years turns out my kidney numbers are nothing to brag about anymore. Dr. says I'm good to go - but niacin I've read is tough on kidneys - so I figured I could do without it. I did take it years and years ago and remember well that flush - that mighty reddening flush. Don't really miss it. If I was working on a cholesterol problem right now - I might be taking it for a while - never say never. Sounds like on an empty stomach is a HUGE NO! NO!!

Re the Vit D - I just had related that recent news articles on TV and in print had issued warnings about taking it anymore - that and calcium - it's said that we should not.

Have a happy day ahead ML!

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