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I have just started back this week on low carb after just over a year off. My doctor told me last week ago that she wants to put me on cholesterol medication because of these lab readings:

Total cholesterol: 283
HDL: 60
Triglycerides: 213
LDL: 180

I have been pretty sick for most of this year. I had the flu which, for some reason, sent my blood pressure through the roof. (My highest reading was 201/156.) It took 4 ER visits and a hospitalization plus a lot of medication adjustment to get it back to normal levels. Last week, she changed my medication again and my blood pressure is finally normal. I have been able to start exercising again and am feeling great.

My doctor wanted me to go for more lab work to check my liver, then she'll call in a prescription for the cholesterol medicine. I was going to do that until I saw this thread. I've started niacin (800 mg. once a day) and I started fish oil twice daily about a month ago. I expect her to be unhappy but I'm going to insist on giving it a few months before going on any medication.
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