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Originally Posted by Carolina_Girl View Post
Hey ya'll! Yep, another newbie here. I have not actually started the Medi Weightloss program yet, but have been researching it all weekend and will be making my first appointment this week. I have been reading all the treads here and have found so much helpful info to help me before my first visit and with what to expect. A little about me. My name is Candy and I live in Monroe, NC about 25 minutes South of Charlotte. I will be going to the Ballantyne office. I am 38 yrs old, wife of 18 yrs and mother of 2 children ages 16 yrs and 13 yrs. I work parttime and am VERY excited about learning more on my first visit (once I make the appointment) to individualize the program for me. I have been carrying around 70 lbs of extra weight since the birth of my first child for 16 yrs. No excuses other than lack of sticking with a program. I know I need to make a lifestyle change, and have no problem forseeing to do so. I just want to be able to see great results early so I can stick with it. I noticed that you can either choose to take injections and appetite supressants or not. Any advice on which may be best? I do seem to always crave sweets and other things I really should not eat too much of, so maybe the suppressant should be what I should chose? I LOVE reading all the inspirations here as well as any tricks to the trade for this program. I am so glad I stumbled upon this site and cannot wait to get an appointment after I make my phone call tomorrow. I look forward to learning much more here and making new friends.
Welcome, Carolina Girl,
I just completed week 8 and take all shots and the appetite suppressant. I believe that with the time an money I'm investing, I should take advantage of every available aid to help me get to maintenance more quickly. At my clinic, the appetite suppressant and the 2 MIC (B-12/amino acid) shots per week are included in the $70/week, so why wouldn't I? (My clinic does not directly dispense the prescription, but pays for it at CVS.) I also take the somewhat painful Vitamin B1/B6 shot weekly for an additional $10. I am pleased with my results thus far - down 25 pounds in 8 weeks - that's definitely never happened for me prior to MEDI. Now, I'll have to keep working hard to eek out those last 10 pounds!
Also, if you are unable to locate the College Inn brand (as I could not), just check labels on other low sodium chicken broths. I found Pacific Low Sodium Organic Chicken Broth at Whole foods. It has only 40 calories in the entire 32 oz container. That works for me.
Also, know in advance, that the clinics usually take tests at your first appointment, including blood tests for which you should be fasting. So, you may prefer a morning appointment for that reason.
Good luck - and keep posting to let us know what's happening with you. You may want to come on over and join us on the September thread right away. That's where most of us post and read daily.
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