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Oh, Patience thank you, I was looking for that thread myself. Definitely count me in!

I've discovered that I need to give up alcohol. Lots of reasons but yes, it bumps me off the low carb wagon (in my case, I try to eat as close to keto as possible so I've got less wiggle room in terms of carbs), I have a real problem with ummm, let's say "moderation" (a/k/a, "one isn't enough but twelve is too many" syndrome), and I've discovered that now alcohol of any sort, wine included, triggers my IBS and I've just recovered from the most gawd-awful week of my life, I don't want to go through that again. I just need to stay away from alcohol, period.

So I haven't had a drop since December 21 (remarkable what a motivator searing pain can be). Oddly enough, when I made the decision that "nope, not gonna have any at all" it was mentally easier than thinking, "well, maybe I can have one occasionally". Right up there with smoking in a way.

I can't remember when I've gone more than 3 weeks without drinking anything ... two years, maybe? Kind of embarrassing when I see it written out like that.

Hubby has kindly offered to pick up a bottle of sparkling juice of some sort for New Years, frankly, I plan on being asleep! I stopped participating in New Years celebrations in my late 20s, just don't do well with my sleep patterns messed up.

Here's to a happy, healthy and abstinent 2017 for all of us!!!
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