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Two Years Eight Months Out...

Hello all. New to this vine. I had my WLS a couple of years ago, the one thing I can say that I actually hate is that I'm constantly hungry...well not really, let me explain, and I would love to know if anybody else has this 'problem'. I still eat very little food, I've lost a considerable amount of weight though I still have thirty lbs to go. This has been my situation from the very beginning. When I don't eat I'm not hungry...really if I don't eat I can go without even thinking about food, the problem with that is that my blood sugar drops to dangerous I have to eat something...once I swallow the first bite, hunger hits me like a brick wall...and before surgery I never really knew what hunger is...hunger is painful. Once I swallow that first bite I am sooooo hungry I could probably eat my smallest child...but I can't eat much because my sleeve is still so small...I'm eating the same about I ate at about six months out, I know, my surgeon has told me he is concerned about that as well, but I was so terrified in the beginning that I would stretch my stomach, I didn't dare eat much. Fast forward to today, I got up this morning at 8am, did not eat breakfast, went grocery shopping, at around noon I realized that my blood sugar was dropping so I grabbed a container of strawberries and ate them as I continued shopping, by the time I was at the checkout I was starving. The main problem with this is that I can never eat enough to make the hunger go away takes hours of being in pain and hungry...not fun. Does anybody else experience this? I'm thinking that maybe I need to increase my fats, will be making fat bombs this weekend. Any insight would be appreciated.
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