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I have no experience with WLS, but I wonder of it is some kind of stomach acid or something, not really hunger. I have heard people say before that they thought they were hungry, but when they got their digestive issues under control they found out it wasn't. I don't think hunger "hurts" for most people, even with WLS.

What if you eat something very dense and fatty like macademia nuts or butter or avocado when you do eat? The fat bombs might be a good thing to try.

Have you tried eating small amounts on a schedule so your blood sugar doesn't dip?

Do you normally eat LC? Like I said, I don't have experience with weight loss surgey, but having to remedy low blood sugar after skipping one meal isn't a good sign. If you are eating carby food when you do eat your BS could be going too high, then dropping again.

It sounds awful and I hope you figure something out.
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