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[quote=SDC2;12185530]I have been experimenting with the oopsie rolls. They are amazing. I found the post below at Revol-Oopsie Rolls - Protein Power Forums and have tried several of the ideas.


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Re: Revol-Oopsie Rolls


Hi Susie, I have a question for you, if you do not mind answering!

I tried the opssie rools and since I did not have the cream cheese, i used 1 egg and 1 1/2 edges of laughing cows - swiss light - and a pinch of cream of tartar (for 2 servings, I did not want to experiment with a whole batch and ruin them). They came out really good, savory and tasty, (I did not use splenda, I was looking for something salty instead of sweet) they were puffy but very soft. They did not crumbled when ate them, and the hold the ham very good, but as I said, they were very very soft.
When you make them with the cream cheese, do they come out very soft too? is there any way to make them crispier?

Even if they were soft, they were good dough! but since you are experiment, maybe you know how to get them crispiers ....

I left them 20 minutes in the oven. Maybe if I left them 30 minutes they will hard them a little bit?

Congratulation being in manteniance ..... you look great!

Thanks in advance

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