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Originally Posted by deanslist View Post
I have been reading all of your posts from my phone and have so much to say but it will have to wait til tonight when I'm not posting on my phone. Just know they made me smile and laugh and brightened my day. Thanks ladies!!!! I was ready to jump ship here and leave this forum but I found you all in the nick of time. It's a God thang!! That and my dear friend Jeanie who doesn't mind when I text her nonsense or pics of food throughout my day.. lol!

B, love how you say YIPPY. Just makes me laugh.. Congrats on everyone's losses. I too am down 2 lbs since last Friday even though I stayed the same from yesterday. I'm shrinking. I can feel it!!!!!

Fatkins...hahahaha. This is the only thing that works, for me anyway. I believe God helped me find this board, I was so depressed last Wed when I saw that astronomical number- I thought will I always battle this weight!?!!? NOt So!!! Even if I only lose 2 lbs a week I will be at my goal in a month!!

Have a wonderful day.. I'm off to work and will be back later. I love you all!!!! (Sorry for lack of emojis- sometimes my phone lets me and sometime it doesn't!)
Im so happy that you are in a better place. Its that light empty happy feeling!! Even if the scale lies, we know we are looking better day by day.

and I hear ya loud and clear..The phone is a P-A-I-N!!!
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