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Originally Posted by honeypie View Post
I have lost nothing since yesterday, but I am 100% ALL THE WAY committed to plan today, and every day. No losses are NO reason to be discouraged. It is temporary water filling our fat cells where the fat has MELTED OUT already. The number on the scale will follow - either the next day, or SOON!

If you 100% stick to the plan as it is written, this plan takes you as far as you want to go.

There is no such thing as it "stopping working". This is what I remind myself to keep myself motivated when the scale doesn't move.

If anyone is bored with food, switch it up! Seafood! Egg drop soup! Non-fat dairy! Grilled pork chops, just don't eat all of the fat, etc etc.

There is a whole WORLD of Stillman's approved food out there. Everyone have a great day! I am super swamped today, but will try and come back again later!

I am sticking with this until New Year's Eve, btw. With NO CHEATS!!!!

So ANY ONE OF US, can do it for one single day. Just no cheats, just for today, right now!!
BTW... you and B should start a new thread with all these lovely motivational and inspiring posts! There are so many peeps out there that could use this diet and motivation to be set free!! I have been on both sides of the weight spectrum and this diet has been a lifesaver for me.

Thank you to all who contribute!!
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