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Wow, OhAmy! 8 lbs in your first Stills week ever - YAY!!

Yeah, NOTHING else can replicate Stillie's results... NOTHING! So happy for all you losers! And especially everyone who has been on this for longer than a week... those drops you reported? Those numbers I read are SOLID, ladies!! Way to go!!

Btw OhAmy - I am really tall also, and 140 is my goal too. Another user MakeMe is also my height, and hopefully she will come back soon! (Are you listening, Makeme??! Missyou!!!!! )

So; I totally didn't not feel like eating ANY meat today. That's right. Nonchalant as can be, right now. And I am still COMPLETELY on plan!

I ate non-fat greek yogurt and steamed omelets for ALL of my meals today!!!!

And my macros for the day are AMAZING! I am at 140g protein right now and only 973 kcal. I am going to be aiming to hit AT LEAST 150g protein per day, so I may have a smidge of protein powder later if I get hungry, because I didn't even add any to any of my bowls of yogurt today, and I was STILL was able to hit those great numbers.

Going to check on my steamed 3-egg dinner omelet in a sec. I totally even NEVER USED it before, until this morning when I remembered that I even have it - my little omelet steamer tray that came with my little hard boiled egg steamer kitchen gadget.

I hope everyone's chix was good though! (I am TOTALLY JUST KIDDING about my green puke-face emoji, you guys!!!! )

And glad you got that scale battery replaced, Al! Now just to get rid of all of the cornstarch parading around as NON-DIETING-RUINING!! (The liar!)
Week 1, 07/08: -0.7 lb (Had 2 glasses wine! RUINED my week's results!)
Week 2, 07/15: -6.0 lbs
Week 3, 07/22: -0.0 lbs (TOM)
Week 4, 07/29: -5.1 lbs
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