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Originally Posted by Avocado View Post
Kudos to you for embarking on such a program. Is it IHT? I used to hike a lot, but can't imagine it since I have been on LC. Will restart at some point, but having no immediate energy is a bit of a drag.
Is IHT Interval Hit Training? This is formally called MyZone but that's just because it's what it's called. We wear heart rate monitors and it's displayed on screen. The app tracks the effort and what your 100% rate should be then adjusts that over time. After serveral workouts it should be fairly accurate.

They usually want compound exercises, such as 10 cycles of short time burst rows with short rests, then wait as the heart rate comes down to a certain point before doing another six cycles of over the bar burpees and rest.

The next class, things will be different, but the approach is the same.
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