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Originally Posted by reserrano View Post
I was also up 2 lbs. this week. I think it' s because I'm trying all these recipes I'm finding. I need to stay away from this site for a month or so until I reach my goal--10 more lbs. and I'm there!!! But Thank you for responding to my post---
Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I was to be on my 2nd week of OWL and I started useing the recipes.I didn't know the difference actually. But I do now! So back to INDUCTION first thing Monday.I am going to eat only real food and perhaps some of the recipes that are allowed foods, like the cheeseburger quiche (now that was good) and it made six nice size servings, so I had my meals alread fixed for a couple days.I also very much enjoy the flan in Dr Atkins boook.But I use vanilla instead of almond extract and it is just like custard! I also re-read the book and see I can have cream cheese and cottage cheese on INDUCTION so that will be nice.I am bound and determined I am going to do it!
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