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Oh Lordy do I have a dilemma. Please please read NEED advice

Ok so hubby's a mess. He has a brain tumor that's stage 2 cancer. Could live 2 years or 32 years. He also has venous stasis which with chemo caused an infection that put him in ICU. Btw if you ever need an hr trip on careflight it's 66,000$. Just FYI. Insurance paid half. They sent me a bill for 33,000$ (checks in the mail. Face plant.)

Oh he has diabetes to. He had lap band 15 years ago and nissen fundiplication which prevents sleeve and to remove may likely cause rupture. No dr will touch him. He weighs 275 at 5'8". He did weigh 305 before his month long stay in ICU.

I am 239 @ 5'7". I was 255 but put him on low carb and have lost with him. My history shows I'll gain it back. I WANT surgery and am afraid of how low I can go before they won't do surgery, but getting a head start and getting rid of my fatty liver disease will also not be horrible.

QUESTION. My insurance will pay (this is new to us as last year I almost went to Mexico!!) I have heart burn and was told most pats suffer bad heart burn after sleeve and not with bypass. I also heard bypass forces you to stay off sugar. Both pluses. But I'm fearful of bypass because of vitamin deficiencies and I take several meds a day including huge metformins for PCOS and prediabetes.

I've yoyo dieted for 30 years. High 265 low 155. I'm 52 post menopausal and losing weight is horrible. I'm totally an apple due to PCOS and carry tons in my belly. I'm tired and really just want surgery.

Do y'all recommend sleeve or bypass? Did most of your sleeves cause reflux:heartburn? Also how low can I go before insurance says Nope Sorry you can't have this surgery you're not fat enough? It said BMI 35 or lower with two Co morbidity or over 35 with one. I will always have high bp due to PCOS. Have since I was 25. Even at 155 I had high bp.

Encouragement? I'm trying to be supportive of the hubby but I'm about to sneak cake to stay fat. I feel crazy 😂
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