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Thanks for your thoughts. I guess I "had to" because I did not have enough willpower to resist! I still don't feel any regrets though! It is hard for me to think I will not be able to eat any "bad carbs" for 6 months. I recognize though that this is why I am at my current weight too! I was thinking of being faithful to taking all 3 AS daily as to keep food interests from my mind. Currently, I have been taking only 1 a day. Having 3 kids I find it hard to keep resisting their treats, but do so 99% of the time! My husband is a big treats person too! I Can't imagine not craving treats and giving in now and then- you are strong. I know I need to work on the mental side of temptation and will do so. I want to be successful and you have got me thinking of being fair to myself and not cheating even a little. Thanks
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