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Originally Posted by Sunshyn141 View Post
The worst for me is when I'm relaxing at the end of the day after the kids have gone to bed. I'm so used to just sitting on the sofa with a bag of chips or some cookies or something. I want them SOOOO badly but I just keep telling myself that its all phsycological. And in reality, I don't actually feel hungry, I just feel like I should be eating them because thats what I'd normally be doing. I haven't slipped yet and am hoping not to, but I'm definately with you all that breaking these lifelong habits will not be an easy task. I'm rooting for you all!!
While the program works for those who follow it, it is still a fact that you have to make a change in yourself, know that YOU deserve to be healthy, and take care of yourself in a positive way. Losing the weight, no matter what program you do is a matter of not only following the program, but changing the way you think about yourself and know you deserve to be your best! Easy to say, I know, because I have been on that roller coaster my adult life, up 30, down 30, up 40, down 40, etc. But this time I am truly making that commitment to my health, not just to fit into a size 8, but that I want to be around for my family and to feel good, all the time!
I am changing my attitude about those snacks. I used to think I deserve to enjoy this crap (ever read a box of Cheese Nips?) , because of whatever happened that day. Now I am trying to think that I deserve to put good things in my body, to keep my energy and health optimum.
Ok, off my soapbox, I am still struggling with it, but really trying to change my thinking. I believe the good thing about this program is that you eliminate those crap foods out of your diet completely, not eating a "100 calorie" pack and it cleans that craving from you. Now you can work on the mental part a little easier.
Sue in AZ
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