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Originally Posted by chrislaurie View Post
When buying protein bars can someone give me an idea of the amount of carbs and sugar that are appropriate. I was looking at various brands mentioned on posts and the carb and sugar counts seemed outrageous. I am a teacher and school starts in 3 weeks so I wanted to scout out handy things to bring for breakfast and quick lunches on the run.
I think the Medi have the lowest carbs and calories but way too expensive. I have been buying the South Beach Snack Bars from Walmart, they are smaller then the regular size ones you can buy in all the grocery stores. But still have carbs. Example, the South Beach Snack Bar Peanut Butter is 100 calories and 14g carbs. I don't know how to figure the sugar alcohol etc. into the equation but 5g sugar alcohol and 3g sugar. They are smaller. Good Luck!
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