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Originally Posted by Dottie View Post
There's a thing going around FB now saying there's no such thing as gluten sensitivity.
It's very annoying.
Just because someone is not full blown celiac doesn't mean gluten doesn't affect them.
Yes and if you think people thinks there is no such things as that try a wheat allergy but not necessarily gluten. Im fine with things gluten sensitive and celiacs cant have like barley. Of course gluten free is wheat free by default.

Originally Posted by Maryposa View Post
Yes that is annoying. I tested positive for the antibodies but negative for celiac. I believe that I tested negative for celiac because my wheat consumption was already so low (low carb diet). Enough to have some antibodies on the lab test and some "redness" in my lower stomach but not enough to cause damage to diagnose celiac... if that makes sense
Yep it makes sense. We are truly our own best advocates. I kind of wonder how much damage do they want you to have. I do not have celiacs just a wheat allergy. For me the big issue was coughing wheezing and struggling to breath after eating. I also never connected the frequent potty trips.

Originally Posted by Maryposa View Post
Also, for once it was a doctor who figured it out for me (unlike my hyperinsulin which I had to ask for the tests). I had regular stomach aches for two years before that.
Because I was low carb I didn't think gluten was my problem (but it's in low carb tortillas and soy sauce and even flavored pork rinds etc). When she suggested the test I was doubtful. Makes me wonder how many others blame stress or other things for feeling unwell but actually have gluten or other food allergies
That is a good point. Im glad you got it figured out so you could feel well.
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