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WOE: atkins induction
new blood

Im 50 and type 2 diabetic, diagnosed in
I presently use 13 units of lantus at bedtime
and am increasing that slowly up to
whatever amount will achieve a decent
fasting level when i get up ( a 5 maybe?)
My last A1C was 8 and my 7 day metre average
reads 7.8.
i've tried a few different diabetic meds including
metformin in it's different forms and some different
doses but cant tolerate it.
I eat as low carb as i can manage and still have
food to eat as i dont like meat but am not
I exercise daily from 30-60 minutes.
not heavy stuff just a walk.
But the numbers stay high and i dont know what
else to do.
is it time for a short/fast acting insulin at meals?
i'm considering atkins induction then when im used
to that if i dont see better numbers then maybe going
to 0 carbs.
but still wonder if its time for fast acting mealtime
im not totally familiar with fast acting insulins
so maybe its taken at other times - not sure.
just saying mealtimes so i can explain my
point better.
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