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Just came home from the endocrinologist, and can't believe my A1c.


That's the same as my never-been-diabetic husband's A1c.

That's in the range of someone who has no diabetes. Of course, I need metformin to do it, but my endocrinologist, who is not someone to dole out praise, described it as "miraculous."

I have spent much of the past 13 years since diagnosis scraping the top of 7.0, occasionally going as high as 7.3. Any time it was below 7.0, I celebrated.

Then, in early February of this year, after reading LCF, i decided to hit the low carb road seriously. I wanted to see if it would make a difference. The first A1c after being on it just 5 weeks, was 6.3. I was amazed. The next one, after staying keto for the full 4 months, was 5.6. And now today, 5.4.

Keto has given me the blood sugar control that eluded me for so many years. And I owe it all to LCF! Now, thanks to the recipes forum, I eat bread, pasta, pancakes and waffles with syrup, pizza, cakes, brownies, cookies, and ice cream. Lots of ice cream.All the time.

With all these wonderful things, why would anyone cheat?? This lifestyle is a cinch to stay on. Sure, it takes work to make those things, but it's time spent immeasurably well. The weight just falls off. In fact, that's my only problem now. Keeping weight ON. Doctor says no lower on the weight.

Those are words I never, ever thought I'd hear from a doctor. Not in this lifetime...
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