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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my life gets so complicated sometimes. Sorry I've been gone about 5 days. Crazy around here. I know your lives get that way too. are too funny. At least someone is not worrying about their weight around here (Leonard).

Carolyn....Great dress purchase. I love it when the cash register rings up way lower than the price tags. And you lost a pound or two....yeahhhhh!!! The wedding and rehearsal plans sound wonderful. It sounds like you are enjoying all of the planning.

I see Judy hasn't posted I bet things have gotten difficult with her MIL's situation. Keepin them in my prayers.

Did any of you get the storms that went through tonight. There were tornado warnings starting down in your area and worked all the way up into northern Minnesota. We got a tornado in northern MN (minor damage...thankfully), the earliest tornado ever recorded in MN. Crazy for the record book all winter long.

After a crazy week last week my calendar looks normal for this week so I'm looking forward to lots of legal food this week and hopefully a weight loss at the end of it.
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