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Fred has had lots of those injections and they do NOT put them out. There's some lidocaine in the injection to help lessen the pain. But they will probably not wanting him driving right after, although my SIL and my DS both have. LOts of injections in our family. Hips, shoulders, knees and backs. Multiple times. So sorry he's now joined the injured joints ranks.

I am having lots of fun!! I'm making a big pan of chile rellenos to take to a block party this evening. I was not happy to hear of the golf ball sized hail that hit our BRAND NEW ROOF!! We've been praying for a big hail storm for years with nothing and now that we finally had to break down and buy one so we can sell the house.....ugh!!! Oh well, nothing we can do about it anyway so I'm just letting it go.

Food can wait!
There. Will. Always. Be. Food.
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