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Originally Posted by CindyCRNA View Post
Rest in peace sweet Leonard.

He is so cute. I'm so sorry.

Well, the last I posted last month, we had just put my DMIL on hospice. She died 3 days later on Friday. We are all just shocked. So last Friday I went to OKC to be with all the family, all the grandkids came in, etc.

DD went BACK in the hospital with hugely high liver levels. She just got out yesterday, so missed her grandmother's service. This has been crazy. We came back once to be with her, but had to hightail it back for service/going over the house/finances/things - you know.

Just got back yesterday evening and am working (from home) today. It is pretty hard to get my mind wrapped around all this.

Congrats to anyone who lost weight. I have eaten things I would NEVER have eaten. HA HA! Now am back to IF-ing and low carb. I really feel much better IF-ing and low carb.

Sandy I'm glad your roof wasn't destroyed. And I love how much fun you all are having!

Carolyn I am fascinated with your getting things done early. WHAT IS THAT LIKE??? I am Mrs. Last Minute, I guess.
I haven't been to that coffee house. I might take DH soon so we can see where you all will be.
How is Brett doing after the injections, or is that today??

I must know if you like the oat noodles better than the konjac or whatever I get at Wal-Mart. I am fine with the regular and have been really interested in the oat ones. Where did you buy them? We use the regular ones quite frequently.

Karen, thrilled to hear your weight is going in the right direction!!
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